Monday Sessions

Predominately interval sessions focusing on improving your speed and strength. They are suitable for all abilities, however, it is expected that each member can run 5km comfortably.



27th February .. Short hill reps. Bitterne Way.10 times fast sprints up, jog back down… Run leader – Chris and Amelia (Shadow)

6th March….Speed pyramids (Weston Shore) Warm up drills first then sprint to the second shelter, jog back… then to the next one..etc..for a time of 25-30 Minutes….Run leader – Paul Shave and Abigail (Shadow)

13th March….Kenyan Hills run over the bridge and back 3 times…Run leader – Meeje and David B and Tash (Shadow)

20th March……1km Reps (Weston Shore)warm up drills (up to you) Run to the car park and back rest 1 minute repeat for 25-30 minutes ..Run leader Julie and Tori ( Shadow)

27th March… Speed pyramids..(.Itchen Bridge) Warm up drills then sprint up to the second lampost, jog back down x 5…next lampost fast up, slow down x 4.. next lampost x 3 then reverse slow up, fast down…..Run leader – Diane and Paul Leeming and Amelia (Shadow)

3rd April… 400m reps (Weston Shore) Warm up drills run to the park run back for 25-30 minutes ..Run leader TBC

10th April…Time Trial warm up drills, sprint around St Marys Stadium 5 times for a recorded time..John and Rachel