Update 15/01/2014

First off an thanks to all of you for coming along and making our new group friendly and brilliant fun, we have had an amazing response and we really appreciate running with everyone and are really looking forward to turning this group into a running club, we  really want to stand by “Together As One” in everything we do, this includes going to races and parkruns etc and also training runs where we want everyone feeling like they belong to Itchen Spitfires Rc.

As discussed before we need people to get involved before we can evolve into a fully functioning running club, This would be in the form of board members, so treasurer, secretary, membership secretary, kit secretary Etc, again we appreciate any help and if we want to move forward we need people to play an active part in building Itchen Spitfires Running Club, we will help every step of the way and are grateful to anyone who wants to help, again email

As most of you are aware Southampton has its very own half marathon and 10k this April 26th, the first one in the city for around 30 years, and it will also be brilliant if some of you can be involved as marshals on our side of the city, children would be welcome and they would also have an amazing time handing out jelly babies or to high five runners as they pass through! And the organiser have got a great offer for anyone who wants to get involved, let me know if your are interested in helping out and I can talk to the organisers about us doing it as a group and having control of one area, have a look HERE and email me here please

We have had a fantastic start to our beginners group who all successfully completed week 2 day1 in some awful weather this week and thanks also to Russ, Ray and Trudy for coming along and helping us out over the past few weeks, we are really excited to get these guys up to a 5k run and a parkrun all together in the near future.

Long Run Sunday, every two weeks starting on 18th January,  this should be a staple run for most of us to build endurance and  get some miles under our belt, we always say the long run “puts the tiger into the cat” and its certainly true, we have had lots of people asking about meeting for long runs, as its very difficult to predict who will come along and what distances everyone can manage, some of us have marathons/half marathons booked and will probably appreciate some company, again email in if you want to join a long run group I can then see if we have the numbers to make it worthwhile!! We think you should really be able to do around 8-10 miles at a pace around 2 mins per mile slower than your 5k pace, so a 30min 5k runner would on a long run do around 11:30-12 min miles, again —–>

Club Kit Update, Thanks to everyone that has ordered our running top, delivery is expected in around 10 working days so I am lead to believe

Disclaimers, if you haven’t already done so please fill out our disclaimer and return it to us either via email or printed and filled in, it is only a disclaimer and doesn’t mean you are joining a club, its for UKA purposes and best practice for us as a group, also please do not forget to carry an ICE (In Case Of Emergency) tag with you on each of our runs, even if you are involved with another club you are still more than welcome to run with us but we do need the disclaimer




SMART goals

Its that time of year when we may have been thinking about our running goals for the year ahead, for some of us it may be to do our first 5/10k some may be half or full marathons? some will be looking to break their personal best in just about all distances, what we would say is

What do you want?

Figuring out exactly what you want to achieve is the first and most important step. Do you want to run further? Faster? Or just feel fitter? Set both short and long term goals – they are of equal importance to keep you motivated and engaged with your training programme.

SMART Goal Setting Think SMART

It’s important that your goals are SMART – this means:

Specific: What exactly is it that you want? (E.g. How much weight do you want to lose? How far do you want to be able to run? Or how fast?)

Measurable: How will you know when you have achieved your goal? What measurements will you make and when?

Achievable: What is it that convinces you that you can achieve this goal?

Relevant: Why is it important to you?

Timely: How long will it take you to achieve the goal or goals?

Here’s an example:

Specific: I want to run my next 10k race in 45 minutes.
Measurable: I will measure my minute-mile pace with weekly tempo runs to ensure I’m on target.
Achievable: I have run for 46 minutes before and know I can improve my training/diet, so am positive I can achieve this.
Relevant: It is something I have always wanted to achieve.
Time: I shall do this in 12 weeks time

Essential Questions

Before you finally commit to your goal, ask yourself:

– What do you need to do or change to make your goals a reality?
– Who could help you achieve your goals?
– What steps do you need to take to reach your goals?
– How will you feel when you have achieved your goals?
– How will you celebrate or reward yourself?

The Four Keys to Successful Goal Setting

So, to sum up, to set and achieve your goals make sure you:

1) Identify what it is you want in the near future and also further down the line.
2) Make sure your goals are SMART.
3) Work out what could go wrong and plan for it.
4) Ask yourself the Essential Questions before diving in.

Secondly, we now have placed a disclaimer/contact on the website which we need signed and returned by all runners as soon as possible please, it can be found here bring it along to club night or if you want it can be returned via email